Performance Workshops

TDS offers instructor-led workshops to give your employees the advanced skills and knowledge to excel in their current positions and to further their careers. Our workshops provide key performance support from hire to retire and are taught by instructors who are subject matter experts.

On-the-Job Trainer (OJT)
Participants are provided the tools, techniques and learning guides to teach others how to effectively perform in the field. This is a two-day workshop with a high level of activities and application.

Target participants: Trainers, supervisors, technical specialists and people responsible for training others in a structured on-the-job setting (field, one-on-one, small groups, demonstrated performance)

This workshop teaches:

  • The benefits, challenges and responsibilities of OJT
  • Effective tools and techniques used to facilitate learning and guidance
  • How to incorporate adult learning principles and address different learning styles
  • The components of good training objectives and their role in OJT delivery
  • The five-step process to train others on the job
  • The OJT facilitator’s role in evaluating performance


Process Troubleshooting for Improved Operations
This workshop applies a multi-step troubleshooting method for diagnosing and correcting abnormal operating conditions. With correct application, expected outcomes include improved safety and environmental performance, improved productivity, increased on-spec time, reduced number of unplanned outages and reduced maintenance costs.

Target participants: Petrochemical and refining process operators with 2+ years’ experience; process/shift foremen; engineers

This workshop teaches:

  • How to apply knowledge of critical process variables, indicators and controllers
  • Steps to solve problems in a variety of process systems
  • Troubleshooting tools and methodology*

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*After completion of this course, a more customized application of the troubleshooting process can be developed for customer specific sites.