Our ultimate goal is to make sure you have the right procedures in place to prevent costly errors and injuries and to increase productivity. We achieve this through a process that allows us to develop a custom solution for each client and each location.

Develop (no existing procedures)
TDS uses a quantitative audit method to determine the procedures that are crucial for unit operations. This proprietary method utilizes cognitive development theory to create clearly written, detailed, step-by-step procedures that are effective and can be executed repeatedly with consistency and safety.

Update/Edit (existing procedures)
TDS performs a gap analysis, compares existing procedures to industry best practices and OSHA standards, and offers recommendations on what updates should be made to current procedures to increase safety, compliance and efficiency. We also supply the resources needed to make the necessary updates.

Our staff of former operators and engineers are trained extensively in development of clearly written, effective procedures.  We can also train our clients on procedure writing methodology and how to manage the development, management and maintenance of procedures through policies and other methods.

TDS uses a proven approach for tracking the effectiveness of procedures in order to determine what updates need to be made, TDS can provide manpower to keep your site procedures up to date.

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