Advanced Training

No one ever stops learning and everyone can benefit from improving their skills. TDS facilitates the continued development of all employees.


We provide plans that develop critical thinking and decision-making skills, and create programs that assist with career advancement. Scenario training is a key component to developing critical thinking skills. TDS creates generic and job-specific scenarios and helps you integrate those scenarios into everyday activities.  One example is our Troubleshooting Workshop, which teaches a systematic process to quickly diagnosing the cause and safely returning the process to normal operating conditions.

We also streamline the knowledge transfer process to help incoming operators, technicians, engineers and supervisors quickly learn their new roles. One example is our Front Line Leadership Development Course which that utilizes high impact learning that reaches beyond the traditional workshop structure: managers engage with the supervisors in learning and applying knowledge.  After the workshops, TDS supports performance through sustainability activities in the workplace for continuous knowledge and skills application.

We will customize a learning plan that works best for your needs. Read about Blended Learning.

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