Basic Training

From basic onboarding to technical instruction to front line supervisor development, TDS offers the training your workers need to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently. Our professionals will help you identify the fundamentals that enable a worker to do his or her best. Then we use our expertise in curriculum design, industry application and high-impact learning to create training systems that fit your requirements, your time frame and your budget.


At TDS, we offer a variety of delivery solutions including eLearning, classroom and self-directed instruction. We can leverage available resource materials to enhance existing training programs, or we can create custom programs specific to your facility sites and workforce.

Whether we work from existing materials or create a program from scratch, we will tie your foundational skills program to job-specific and advanced training, taking your workers from “hire to retire” and making the most of your training investment.

Need something more targeted? Learn about our Job-Specific Training.

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