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Why leave it to chance?

close the gap_blueFront line supervisors in process operations are recognized as key performance drivers in reaching an organization’s business goals. Typically, their expertise is comprised of technical skills, but their ability to manage people and operations is not well-developed. The TDS Front Line Supervisor Development Program (FLSD) closes the gap between the technical expert and supervisory excellence.

A single careless decision by an unprepared supervisor can cost your company far more than the investment in manager training that could prevent such an occurrence. Ill-equipped supervisors can negatively impact a business by compromising workplace safety, impairing production and tainting the company’s reputation.

According to a survey conducted by Harvard Business Review, more than 90% of executives believe front line supervisors’ lack of leadership development negatively impacts employee engagement. And the vast majority (79%) said this development gap is negatively impacting organizational performance. 40% of those surveyed believe that front line supervisors do not receive sufficient tools and training to develop into highly effective leaders.*

By investing in our Front Line Supervisor Development (FLSD) program, you can avoid these risks and close gaps by providing your high-potential candidates, new supervisors and current supervisors with the skills and knowledge to become leaders of high-performing teams.

Way Beyond a Workshop: The Three Phases of FLSD

flsdFLSD is not a one-time workshop. It’s a comprehensive supervisory management program that incorporates learning, application and accountability, facilitated through three distinct phases.

Phase I: Laying the Groundwork
The first phase of the course is devoted to surveying managers and supervisors, assessing current skills and needs, getting buy-in from management, and setting goals based on the information gathered. It includes:

  • Facilitated goal setting session to develop program measures unique to your organization
  • Assessment of current and existing supervisor skills and needs
  • Management team training on FLSD program and setting accountability measures

Phase II: Guided Application

As they say, practice makes perfect. TDS is a training company that believes the best way to truly learn is to experience a practical application of the knowledge. Unlike workshops or classes that give you the information and leave you to execute it independently, FLSD teaches supervisors how to immediately apply the knowledge gained during learning sessions to their jobs.

Between learning sessions, participants are given both real and practice assignments that encourage and enforce critical thinking.

Phase III: Follow-Up
In this phase, TDS partners with management to identify one final project using a real-life situation within their organization. Participants are expected to execute the project independently using the knowledge they’ve gained during the first two phases.

Throughout the program, TDS ensures accountability by implementing checkpoints where we touch base with management and supervisors to make sure they’re following through and completing assignments.

Let TDS begin developing excellence in your workforce today. Download more information on our FLSD Program or contact us.

*2014 HBR Analytic Services, Frontline Managers: Are They Given the Leadership Tools to Succeed?

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