TDS is always seeking talented, skilled and enthusiastic people to join our team of experts. The environment here is diverse, collaborative and open. We treat one another with respect and appreciate the knowledge, skills and abilities that each individual brings to the group.

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Read on to hear what our employees think about working for TDS …

“Working at TDS since 1999 has been a great pleasure to me. I came on board after completing a college degree, teaching public school, and working nineteen years in the petrochemical industry. My varied background has served me well and my professional growth at TDS has been deeply rewarding. I welcome the opportunities to enhance my versatility and increase my understanding of learning and teaching techniques, effective procedures, and graphics illustration. I sincerely enjoy working with the people at TDS and with the clients. They make it fun to be here, and I eagerly look forward to every work day.”

Louis Whistler
Senior Technical Specialist


“TDS is a great place for me to utilize my past petrochemical and refinery experience, while gaining significant understanding of adult learning theory. The people at TDS are the best! As a group, we represent several hundred years of operations experience. Wherever needed, all that knowledge and experience is brought to the table.”

Hoyt Clevenger
Technical Developer


“It is truly amazing what I have garnered in the short period of time I have been at TDS. As a Technical Specialist, I have been honored to learn from TDS personnel who own a wealth of knowledge and display a sincere interest in my development. As a retired chemical engineer, this experience has been challenging, enjoyable and rewarding. The guiding principles embraced by TDS reflect my own values and the quality of our products/services reflect my own standards. I am blessed and proud to be a part of this remarkable team!”

Jane Plasek
Technical Specialist


“I came to TDS after 35 years of operations experience for 2 major chemical corporations. In the late 70’s process safety issues became a major focus. Standard Operating Procedures became one of the most important aspects of operations. Now I am using that experience to assist others in gaining and maintaining the consistency needed to have a safe work environment.”

“Why TDS? Because it’s a great place to work and because of the high standards in the products and services we deliver.”

Luis D. Ortiz
Technical Specialist


TDS and our employees serve the community through company-sponsored volunteer activities including special events we support throughout the year.

If you are interested in an exciting career in the people side of the petroleum and refining industry, we may have the job for you. We offer competitive salaries and attractive benefits to our permanent employees, and also work with independent contractors.

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