Guiding Principles

What I believe in and what I hold dear created the foundation that this firm has been built on. My values and beliefs formed the vision of this company, and that vision, described as the principles below, is what I will continue to seek.

    • Each one that works on the TDS team will own a part of the company. Each person knows that the more they contribute to the team, the more they will receive individually.
    • We do our work and help each other to do theirs so we can fulfill our commitments.
    • We make commitments to our clients based on what we know we can deliver.
    • We speak up and say what needs to be said when it needs to be said within the privacy of our company walls. What is said within stays within.
    • We don’t work for each other, we work for ourselves by working with each other. Our strength comes from being united; not independent, but interdependent.
    • We do not judge people by the color of their skin, their gender, religion, race or culture but by their contributions and performance.
    • We give our time and financial resources to those in need, supporting our community and our churches.
    • We support our youth through education scholarships and direct involvement in their activities.
    • We have fun and share that fun with our families and friends. We take the time, as we need it, to spend quality time with those we love and care about.
    • We have faith in God and take time to say, “Thank you,” and give back to Him for what He has given to us.
    • Those that work for TDS have as much responsibility for making it what it is as the founder of the company, and are equally accountable. TDS is what we make it, nothing more, nothing less. We are TDS.
    • TDS provides fair salaries, solid short‑term and long‑term benefits for health, education, savings and retirement. We provide opportunity for each person to grow and develop individually and collectively. We will not shackle people to our company, but will create the environment that encourages those to stay that contribute in a positive and productive manner.
    • Our competitive position is from what we know, our credibility in the business, our fairness, respect for others, appreciation of our profession and commitment to do only the best we can each and every time.

I am proud to be introduced to individuals and groups by name and affiliation to TDS, because the name itself represents honesty, professional ethics, community involvement, integrity and faith in God.

These are the principles that guide my steps in leading this organization.

Barry D. Hardy
Founder, TDS
January 31, 1994