Client Testimonials

Our greatest reward is the satisfaction and success of our clients. These testimonials are indicative of the partnership we have with the businesses we work with and of how dedicated we are to our mission.

TDS was among the five vendors who submitted proposals in developing an Operations Training program for the midstream sector. TDS was able to provide a level of detail in their proposal and work samples unmatched by the other proposals. Further, they have significant experience in the systems and processes of building training programs to achieve PSM compliance for Operations Training, and provided us with a significant list of clients that have used them in past and current projects.

Major Global Client


The TDS material is a great supplement to the Simtronic’s simulator. I have used the simulator to deliver training in the workplace as well as a college classroom. The supporting documentation that Simtronics supplied provides a great base and foundation. The TDS training guides allow you to transfer the knowledge in a logical and effective manner. This has saved me a lot of time and effort.

Tom Farley, BP


My experience with TDS has been nothing short of outstanding. I was skeptical at first when I heard that our project had outsourced training manuals, training development and procedures. With 30-plus years of ethylene experience and several grass roots start-ups, I thought it would be impossible to pull off. Now, after seeing the excellent products of all the diligent and hard working professional people at TDS, I am convinced there could not have been a better choice.

Jim Bishop, Chevron Phillips Chemical


Designing an effective training program is like assembling a watch to keep accurate time. TDS really helped us to realize that, even though we had all the parts to the watch in a box, we needed to recognize that we lacked clear vision of what this watch should look like and how to put it together to function most effectively. TDS provided valuable expertise and experience to help us assemble the watch and make it run right.

Hugh McShan, Kaneka Texas


In October 2010, the LyondellBasell Houston Refinery conducted an internal audit on several Operational Excellence company standards. At the Houston Refinery, we have two types of ‘core’ training manuals for operator qualification/requalification – knowledge and performance. The development and revision of these knowledge manuals and associated tests is exclusively provided by technical material developers from TDS and has been since 2003.

The developers from TDS focused all of their time maintaining the knowledge manuals and tests in an evergreen state. The audit result demonstrated that the TDS developers have been successful. Operators by nature are not easy customers to please, so this result is particularly impressive.

The LyondellBasell Houston Refinery is very pleased and satisfied with the work provided by the material developers from TDS. They have contributed greatly to the success of our operator qualification/requalification process.

Skip Olsen, LyondellBasell

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