Outsourcing Project for Chemical Manufacturer


A prominent chemical manufacturing company was faced with the problem of having a limited number of training personnel available to accomplish the required staff training. Furthermore, the existing training staff lacked all necessary expertise to fulfill their job requirements. The challenge for TDS was developing and implementing a sustainable training method without the luxury of adding new employees.


In order to accomplish this, TDS became the proxy Training Department for the company. After first identifying the client’s needs, we developed a new strategy to complete the tasks in conjunction with the company’s training manager. TDS provided support for the five most crucial areas that needed attention: Instructional Design/Development, Classroom Delivery, Performance Analysis, Technical Writing and Logistical Support.

Instructional Design/Development of custom training materials

Classroom Delivery of company-sponsored classes

Performance Analysis conducted by TDS consultants who identified gaps, reported findings, made recommendations and developed various non-training interventions to close performance gaps

Technical Writing needed to write new and upgrade existing procedures

Logistical support that involved coordinating and scheduling classes, producing materials and maintaining training records


Training and performance improvement tasks were completed quickly by simplifying the list of required skill sets. Using TDS in this specialized manner allowed for the most efficient training environment. Not only was TDS able to fulfill all required results according to the chemical manufacturing company’s identified needs, they were able to do it with a much smaller staff and in a far shorter period.