Our Partners

We work with several third-party vendors who add specialized services to our four core solutions. This allows us the flexibility to serve our clients as a single source for integrated workforce performance solutions.

Creative Interactive Ideas, Inc.

Creative Interactive Ideas brings fresh thinking and innovation to deliver effective solutions, whether it is a small rapid learning project or large custom learning development. Their expertise in new technologies, including multimedia, interactive multimedia, interactive WBT (web-based training), social learning technologies and mobile learning enriches the learning experience and facilitates better results. TDS is pleased to partner with CII to deliver high impact learning solutions to our clients. Learn more about CII.

Troubleshooting Resources

Petrochemical and refining process troubleshooting does not have to happen by accident. A structured approach for identifying the contributing factors, evaluating the risk and determining consequences can be cost effective and efficient. Troubleshooting Resources offers a unique troubleshooting process that is taught in a three-day workshop. The focus of the workshop is quickly diagnosing the cause and safely returning the process to normal operating conditions. TDS is pleased to partner with Troubleshooting Resources to provide this workshop to industry partners and to help clients apply this approach to their unique process systems. Read more for details on the workshop.