Open Positions

Project Manager
This position is responsible for partnering with our clients to execute multiple and complex projects in the petrochemical/refining/oil & gas industry. Projects consist of varied initiatives that include improving client’s work processes and their people’s performance through optimizing communications, creating technical training, developing diverse teams and strengthening leadership. Project teams will be composed of multiple disciplines including performance consultants, industry experts, learning experts, external specialty and administrative support.
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Administrative Assistant to Finance Manager
This position has responsibility for overseeing and executing all areas relating to the company’s office operations. Support is required to assist others with bookkeeping, human resources, building management, proofing and producing documents, coordinating training events and assisting clients.
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Quality Assurance
This position requires at least five years of experience in a support role in a process industry technical area, preferably in Operations. Candidate will be responsible for quality control of written materials and oversees the production process. This includes collaborating with project managers, technical specialists, the project & production specialist, internal consultants, client representatives, and co‐workers, in the areas of document management, editing, publishing, graphics, and survey administration. This role acts as the lead for Quality Assurance and Production, and delegates assignments based on the priorities and group’s workload. This position is primarily responsible for ensuring quality of the final product meets or exceeds company and client requirements and specifications.
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Technical Specialist
This position is responsible for creating training or procedural content and applying TDS templates, protocols, processes and work flows. The technical specialist works with clients in the development and implementation of technical improvement solutions. In some cases, this position will be located and work performed within a client facility both domestically and internationally.
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