July 23rd, 2015 by tds admin

When your needs don’t warrant a full training session, TDS provides one-on-one mentoring and small group facilitated sessions, either at your location or ours.

TDS Performance Advisors coach and mentor professionals who are assuming a new role in the field, technical department or learning organization, or those who see the need to develop their skills in different areas. This one-on-one approach allows the mentored individual to gain insight, have an open environment to apply new tools and techniques, and receive critical feedback on performance as milestones are met.

Goals are set in advance and both the learner and the mentor develop a schedule of events and course of action to accomplish the goals. Material is provided from which the learner gains knowledge.

Field activities that are relevant to the learner’s environment are conducted and critiqued upon completion. As always, coaching and feedback are critical components to the process.

The overall benefit to the learner is a custom plan that meets specific learning and developmental needs.

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