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eLearning is basically the transfer of knowledge and skills via a computer or electronic device. This type of learning content is sometimes referred to as CBT (computer-based training) or WBT (web-based training). It represents a variety of electronically delivered modes, whether via a browser over the Internet, on a company’s internal network, on a CD, or in some form of mobile device.

eLearning can be classified in two basic ways:

  • Synchronous – where a learner participates in a facilitated session in real-time via a computer-enabled interface, often with the ability to interact with the facilitator and other participants.
  • Asynchronous – where the learner attends a recorded learning event at a time that is convenient for him or her. These sessions often include interactive elements, videos or other multimedia, and quizzes, and may or may not involve a recorded facilitator.

TDS can create both synchronous and asynchronous eLearning tools and use them in a blended learning environment to maximize learner engagement as well as knowledge and skill retention.

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