Electronic Performance Support Tool (EPST)

July 23rd, 2015 by tds admin

This support tool is a browser-based system that improves operator and maintenance technician productivity by allowing the user to quickly access procedures, drawings and spare parts lists pertaining to a complex task or job. It enables the worker to put more time into job performance, reducing the amount of time spent in preparation, researching and gathering information.


Some common uses for EPSTs are to provide support for:

  • quickly locating information
  • performing complex tasks (such as procedures)
  • accessing alternate forms of information (drawings, exploded views, cutaways, multimedia, etc.)

The example here shows the tool used by procedure developers at TDS to ensure that they are following the appropriate formatting and authoring guidelines as they create high-quality procedures for our customers.

When several people are responsible to carry out related tasks or overlapping jobs, the EPST helps to ensure that there is consistency, repeatability and reliability in how the tasks are performed. There are many potential uses for these tools in the petroleum industry.

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