The Energy Makers Show – The Power of People

  • Energy Makers Episode 82: Employee Turnover

    Robin Knowles and Melissa Lassiter discuss the cost of turnover and factors that impact it.

  • Energy Makers Episode 83: Employee Motivation

    Robin Knowles and Julie Alexander share tangible and intangible tips for improving employee motivation.

  • Energy Makers Episode 84: Workplace Safety

    Robin Knowles and Ken Davenport discuss ways to reduce accidents in the workplace and support a safety culture.

  • Energy Makers Episode 85: Work Engagement

    Robin Knowles and Randy Jensen provide information to boost engagement thereby enhancing workforce performance.

  • Energy Makers Episode 86: Performance Issues

    Robin Knowles and Greg Shaffer explore the causes of low performance including knowledge, motivation and resources.

  • Energy Makers Episode 87: Team Effectiveness

    Robin Knowles and Fran Mackin talk about the integral components that help to make teams as effective as possible.

  • Energy Makers Episode 88: Giving Feedback

    Robin Knowles and Melissa Lassiter provide information on when, how and why to give feedback.

  • Energy Makers Episode 89: Developing Leaders

    Robin Knowles and Steve Skarke, Kaneka, champion leadership development and it’s positive impact on key performance indicators.

  • Energy Makers Episode 91: Front Line Supervisors

    Robin Knowles and Steve Skarke, Kaneka, discuss the critical role front line supervisors play in an organization and how they can impact productivity.

  • Energy Makers Episode 95: Technology Education Reform

    Robin Knowles and James Newport, CHEM-MAN Consulting, review the education reform bill and it’s impact on careers in technology.

  • Energy Makers Episode 96: Education Partnership with Private Sector

    Robin Knowles and James Newport, CHEM-MAN Consulting, examine how education reform supports the demand for qualified workers in the energy industry.