Graphic, Visual and Simulation Support

July 23rd, 2015 by tds admin

Blended learning, by definition, blends a variety of learning modes and media to engage a learner visually, aurally and mentally resulting in a more effective transfer of skills and knowledge. Adding three-dimensional drawings, animations and simulation to a learning intervention helps to better orient operators and maintenance technicians to the process and equipment they are running or repairing.

We also have the capability to create 3D graphic models and simulations that enhance training by providing an interactive experience wherein learners can manipulate the graphics, start and stop equipment and operate a process unit. Whether for basic operator training, process unit training, console supervisor training or competency assurance, TDS can integrate advanced graphics and simulations into course materials, group exercises, problem diagnosis, and O&M technician advanced training.

Below are three examples of 3D graphic models created for our clients.


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