Better Performance by Design

Our experience in the oil and gas industry gives us a broad perspective and knowledge of best practices.

Our Learning and Development solutions have your workforce covered from “hire to retire” with basic training through supervisory programs and beyond. TDS can develop blended, site-specific learning solutions for your needs, from classroom instruction to e-learning to process simulations, or we’ll update the programs you already have in place.


Our expertise in the petroleum industry and in adult learning means we have a keen understanding of your business and know how to apply proven methodologies to help you achieve higher productivity and greater success.

Our services start before training ever begins. TDS helps you determine what competencies are necessary for a position and then matches those competencies to possible candidates. This paves the way for assimilating new hires to their jobs and streamlines the on-boarding process.

Basic Training

Find out how performance starts with the fundamentals »

Job-Specific Training

Learn about the skills your people need to do the job right »

Front Line Supervisor Development

Arm your supervisors with the right tools to succeed »

Advanced Training

There’s always room for improvement, no matter the job level »

Blended Learning

Find out how various learning methods result in a more customized solution »


Learn about courses that give your employees the skills and knowledge to excel »

Process Troubleshooting

A proven systematic method for solving and correcting operations problems »

Simulator Training

Find out how to maximize the use of simulation software »


  • Overview Brochure

    Get a snapshot of how TDS collaborates with companies in the petroleum industry to improve workforce performance.

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  • Advisory Services

    Learn how TDS provides an independent third-party perspective, identifying gaps and measuring how productivity is impacted by various human factors.

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  • Learning and Development

    Read more about how our solutions have your workforce covered from hire to retire with basic training through supervisory programs and beyond.

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  • Policies & Procedures

    Learn how TDS leverages our industry-wide expertise to develop unique methods and processes that help you manage protocol, increase productivity and improve safety.

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  • Program Management

    See how TDS can act as your training department or become an extension of your current team, whether you need us for a day or indefinitely.

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  • Competency Management Solutions

    Be confident your workforce has the competencies to perform.

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  • Front Line Supervisor Development

    Learn how our program goes far beyond typical workshops to sharpen skills, increase knowledge and establish better working relationships.

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  • Performance Workshops

    Our instructor-led workshops give your employees the skills and knowledge to excel in their current positions and to advance further in their careers.

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  • Simulator Training Solutions

    Give your operators the tools to use simulation software more effectively, improve critical thinking skills and make better decisions on the job.

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  • Practical Competence Management

    A Competency Management System (CMS) helps you better manage retirement, staff reductions and recruiting challenges with defined job progressions and assessments based on your facility.

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  • Competency Management: An Imperative for Operational Excellence

    Organizations are increasingly using competency management systems to help ensure that across all levels and functions, the workforce has the skills and abilities to perform reliably and consistently in critical job roles.

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  • The Human – Procedure Interface

    Learn how to derive the best practices for a procedure document using psychological research about human thought processes.

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  • Give Millennials a Reason to Stay

    High turnover is commonplace for the latest generation of workers, “The Millennial Generation”. Learn more about retaining these employees in the current market . By Terry Heatter

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  • Workforce Engagement: A Must for Your Company

    A deeper insight into the notion of engagement can shed light and give you another perspective on today’s workforce as well as provide a handful of tools you can use to tackle this modern day challenge. By Terry Heatter

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  • The Importance of Critical Thinking

    Sound decision making starts with training that uses a critical thinking methodology. Learn how to incorporate critical thinking skills into your training programs. By Melissa Collins and Greg Shaffer

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  • Front Line Supervisor Development Success Story

    TDS uses high impact learning to assist client in addressing new challenges in the chemical processing industry.

    Read the case study
  • Greenfield Joint Venture Procedure Project

    TDS developed a procedure structure to help ensure the safe, efficient startup of a multi-unit facility.

    Read the case study
  • Outsourcing Project for Chemical Manufacturer

    TDS became the de facto training department for a client that had little time or resources in-house to develop its workforce’s skill sets.

    Read the case study
  • Give Millennials a Reason to Stay

    If you have invested time and effort in training and developing millennials, you do not want them walking out with valuable knowledge and skills – perhaps to a competitor.

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  • Engaging Your Workforce

    You roll your eyes when you see employees glued to their smart phones or tablets. Why aren’t they working? What are they doing?

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  • High Impact Learning for Supervisors Leads to High ROI

    A high impact approach demands the long-term commitment and involvement of supervisors and their management, resulting in more effective learning and a higher return on your training investment.

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  • Performance vs. Training

    When is training the solution to problems in the workplace? Is there another way to resolve your employees’ inability to complete tasks and assignments properly?

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  • Supervising the Millennial Generation

    Millennials are making their way into the workforce and have a vastly different way of living, working and learning than their predecessors.

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  • Critical Thinking Skills are Vital to Your Business

    Every business has its own set of daily problems and challenges. To effectively work through them, you need employees who can critically evaluate the situation to arrive at the best solution.

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  • Share the Wealth of Knowledge

    How many of your workers have been on the job for 10 years, 20 years or even 30 years and more? And how much of their knowledge and expertise has been recorded to pass down to incoming and future workers?

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