Competency Management Solutions

Be confident your workforce has the competencies to perform

A Competency Management System (CMS) provides a framework for assuring the right people are in the right jobs. In today’s challenging market, it is even more critical to have clear insight into the status of competency across the organization to manage risk and sustain performance. From operations and maintenance, to engineering and supervision, a CMS will provide that visibility and more.

Why Competency Management?

  • Regulatory Scrutiny – pending regulations will add requirements to verify worker competency for midstream and downstream facilities
  • Workforce Dynamics – staff reductions, retirement and a variable skill mix complicate staffing and transfers
  • Market Volatility – oil price pressures drive more frequent changes in budgets and production levels

Benefits of a CMS

  • Reduced risk
  • Verified regulatory compliance
  • Improved operations
  • Simplified recruiting
  • Defined job progression
  • Improved management visibility into resource needs
  • Streamlined resource assignment
  • Increased program validity – standardized assessment criteria

TDS uses a practical approach to Competency Management Systems
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Competency Management System


TDS can assist with …

  • Needs & Gap Assessment
  • Advisory Services
  • Training Development
  • Procedure & Policy Development
  • Training for Supervisory Skills
  • Training on Troubleshooting
  • Competency Development
  • Training for Assessors
  • CMS Database Evaluation
  • CMS Implementation


Getting Started
A comprehensive CMS that assures competencies in management and supervision, engineering, operations and maintenance also supports other programs that drive safety, quality, reliability and environmental excellence.

Let us help you fill gaps in your competency program, or create a CMS tailored to your facility. Contact us at 800-480-1128 today.