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  • Advisory

    Our specialists give you expert guidance and help you identify gaps, measure productivity, and create custom solutions.

  • Learning & Development

    From basic training to supervisory programs, we develop custom learning solutions for your specific needs.

  • Policies & procedures

    We develop the right procedures and policies to prevent costly incidents and improve productivity and safety.

  • Program Management

    TDS can act as your training department, whether you need us for a day or indefinitely.

Where excellence develops

TDS collaborates with companies in the oil & gas industry to improve workforce performance and bring out the best in their most valuable asset - their people.

Our expertise in the industry and in adult learning means we have a keen understanding of your business and are able to tailor and adapt our solutions to your specific needs, helping you to achieve higher productivity and greater success.

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Are your employees using procedures consistently? 
Take a look at our white paper and learn how to implement best practices for a procedure document using psychological research about human thought processes.

Download our white paper, "How to get people to follow procedures"


Our Front Line Supervisor Development (FLSD) program is more than just a workshop. It’s a comprehensive supervisory management program that incorporates learning, application and accountability. With a phased approach this program gives supervisors confidence in handling issues such as feedback, conflict, decision making and time management.

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TDS assesses the impact of current performance on productivity and provides a continuous plan for improvement.
When it comes to workforce performance, the best way to know which direction to go is to determine where you are. But when you're in the midst of things, it's sometimes difficult to see what needs to be improved and how to proceed. TDS provides an independent third-party performance assessment that identifies gaps. We then measure how productivity is impacted by various human factors and develop a plan to improve performance. After all, performance is about people.

Our Learning and Development solutions have your workforce covered from hire to retire with basic qualification training through supervisory programs and beyond. TDS can develop custom integrated learning solutions for your specific needs, from classroom instruction to simulation training, or update the programs you already have in place. Our expertise in the petrochemical and refining industry and in adult learning means we have a keen understanding of your business and know how to apply proven methodologies to help you achieve higher productivity and greater success. Our Learning and Development solutions include: Basic training, job-specific training development, advanced training, blended learning and workshops.

Operational excellence and performance improvement cannot be attained without a well-trained workforce equipped with the right policies and procedures. Procedures can be inconsistent and differ from location to location, or even shift to shift. And many times policies to enforce procedures are inadequate or non-existent. At TDS, we leverage our industry-wide expertise to develop unique methods and processes that help you manage protocol, increase productivity and improve safety. We offer a third-party perspective to provide a performance assessment, identify gaps in your current practices, develop clear, effective procedures, and create workflows to guide their proper and consistent use.

Training is a necessity, but for many companies it's not the core of their business. The development, management and delivery of operator training and development programs are time and resource intensive. Training can become a distraction from a company's day-to-day business, which can hinder productivity. And having an in-house training department is not always feasible or cost-effective, depending on the type and size of the company. Outsourcing your training - whether in whole or in part - allows you to focus on your business while letting a team of workforce performance improvement experts handle your development needs.